CitySì cancelli e recinzioni taglio laser


CitySì cancelli e recinzioni taglio laser

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foto CitySì Service has been operating in metal carpentry and door and window frames sector for more than twenty years placing its business of 1,200 square meters in the industrial area of Bari. The company started its activity working mainly in the area of door and window frames and producing metal components intended for living rooms manufacturing. Today CitySì Service offers contract manufacturing of customized parts and produces semi-finished products or complete components according to customer specifications in any quantity - from one-off production to large series. During these years the company has gained experience, expertise and professionalism becoming a symbol of growth and development in a highly challenging field and positioning itself as a well-established company.

CitySì Service, works in the field of the engineering industry for over 20 years. Located in the Industrial Area of Bari the company owns a warehouse of 1.200 m2 with the most innovative machinery for the laser cut managed by an engineering centre with CAD/CAM System.

The company started its activities producing windows and metallic component for furniture, now it is specialized in the production and processing of sheets and metallic components in medium and large series.

In the last years, the company has strongly invested in Innovation technologies, new machineries and a new CAD/CAM System, improving cost efficiency, quality in the production processes and achieving a better value for money.

CitySì Service is the perfect partner for the customer who needs to manage all the tasks of the production process, from the design to the prototype and then to the finished product: from the selection of the materials to the methodologies of processing.

The flexible and dynamic organizational structure allows a constant control of all the processes, maximizing the exploitation of the work centres and accelerating the delivery, which is always already planned in the quotation.

CitySì Service owns the following work centres:

  • 2 Numerical Control laser-cutting machines
    (4000 X 2000 and 3000 x 1500 mm)
  • Numerical Control Oxygen lance machine
  • Numerical Control Bending machine
  • Deburring and satin finishing machine
  • Punching Machine for large diameters
  • Hydraulic shearing Machine
  • Band Saw machine
  • Work centre for gates and fencing
  • Work centre for painting


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