CitySì cancelli e recinzioni taglio laser


CitySì cancelli e recinzioni taglio laser

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CitySì Service produces iron gates or stainless steel gates, offering a wide range of safety metal panels and solutions including swing gates, sliding and pedestrian ones. The flagship of the company are contemporary laser cut metal gates, tailored to the needs of companies and individuals.
The company provides a custom-made design and production, able to satisfy the most different customers' needs by partnering with cutting-edge design and engineering firm.
CitySì Service also provides all the mechanisms for automation, also taking care of all the finishing works, such as galvanizing or painting with colors of your choice.

The gates and fences production department offers a long established and qualified expertise thanks to the presence of workers and foreman which are highly skilled in manufacturing and assembly. The presence of numerical control machines also allows us to deal with production of iron and stainless steel gates and fences which are particularly innovative.

For all our products

Variable dimensions according to requirements
Finishing with your choice of color on the iron, satin finish on stainless steel
Production of panels with writing / customized logos

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